Haul Out Attempt Two Fails

This was a case of a business man who is anxious to please, and a sailor who is anxious to haul, but not doing a proper engineering of a solution to the first problem. After our first attempt to haul-out, we realized Tahina would have to lifted on wood blocks above the structure of the Sealift haul-out system which lifts under our bridge deck. We have non-structural elements under our bridge deck which were in the way of the regular lifting spars and support structure. So, the marina manager had a frame built so we could adjust the wood blocks at the forward end, and he believed the metal structure at the aft end would suit for setting up the wood blocks for the aft and middle points. He took measurements under our boat and of his structure, and was confident. So, we waited a week for the new elements to be made and on Friday we attempted to set up the system for Tahina.

Well, when setting it up and taking the measurements, things were not working out. The manager got called away on some emergency, so I ended up taking all new measurements under the boat. By the time he came back, it was too late with the tide falling to attempt hauling us out. So, I carefully looked over all the measurements. It was clear more frames would be needed to position the wood blocks properly. I was not pleased to have to wait up to another week, and I had already done some checking on hauling out at the next marina. So, I tried contacting the manager at the Rebak marina. After some going back and forth, he came back and said it was not possible to lift us on his travel lift. We exceeded the beam width designs.

After further discussion at Pangkor Marina, the manager James agreed to build two more frames. He let me design the specs for these elements, and later the metal worker came and got my measurements and reviewed the design. He agreed it would work, and later worked out the schedule with James to deliver next Wednesday. At this point, there’s no likelihood we could get to a yard faster, so I agreed and we now have a few more days to wait before the yard work.

So, we are going to try and do some of our projects while we are waiting for the haul-out. This way our list will be a bit shorter and we can hopefully reduce the total time in the yard.

For those of you who think we spend all of our time just cruising around in paradise, kicking back on a beach hammock and sucking on our frozen margaritas, swimming in crystal clear waters, and watching beautiful sunsets – this should help dispel that illusion.

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3 Responses to Haul Out Attempt Two Fails

  1. Behan says:

    I’m sure that’s got to be frustrating… soon though! Hey, keep an eye out for the cat Nalukai. They are headed that way to haulout as well (popular place for you two hulled folks, apparently. It’s a lovely family, we spent a bunch of time with them in PNG and Raja Ampat. We’re headed your way, sloooowwwwly… clearing out of Indonesia and headed to the eastern side of Malaysia next week.

  2. greg says:

    Changed my idea of a fun time!

  3. Kuh Shise says:

    Frank: If nothing goes wrong, and everything you try always works, you will NEVER learn anything new. Failed projects always result in more learning than if everything works as imagined. Besides the haul-out will now be prepared for another wide haul-out for someone else.

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