Haulout Delayed a Few Days

We made excellent time again on Sunday on a beautiful sunny day. The temperature was a bit cooler and less humid as well. We weren’t even tempted to turn on the A/C along the way. We left at first light this time and decided we could make it all the way to the marina/boatyard by mid-afternoon. We wanted to arrive earlier since low tide was at 5PM and the entrance is reportedly a bit shallow in places. But, we had a track from s/v LeuCat who was here a few weeks earlier.

We arrived as planned by 2:30. I called on the radio, but no answer, so I tried the phone. I reached one of the staff and she said they had room and that we could call on the radio and the dock staff would help. They answered this time and offered to send a boat to help guide us in. Just after the call a ferry came out, so we followed their track while the little boat came out. We were soon tied up on a nice dock not far from the boat yard entrance.

We met the owners of a cat (Wharram design) next to us, s/v Tiare, who have been to the marina a few months and also here a year earlier. The skipper is from Auckland, and his wife is from Japan. They gave us a lot of information about the area. While there, they had an Aussie visitor, a woman from a cat in the boatyard called s/v Mad Fish. She told us they have drinks under her boat on Monday night and we were invited.

The marina is on a man-made island in the bay between the island of Pangkor and the mainland. We were surprised that there are some small mountains on the island and in the surrounding country side. There are also signs of a lot of people in this area. We also found out this place is home to a Malay naval base with a large military population plus their families living with them in a large condo-looking complex.

On Monday, I went in first thing to the Marina office to sign in. We talked a bit about the haulout. I had taken some measurements of their lifting device, which lifts us from underneath between our hulls. My initial measurements said it could work, but I wasn’t totally sure. They said someone would come over and do measurements, and he did and said it was ok.

But, by lunchtime, they called to say they would have to delay to Tuesday. The main reason being that the yard is close to full and they didn’t have adequate wood blocks. They planned to put two boats back in the water, and then there would be room.

So, Karen and I went to get transportation to town to find out about shopping. The marina manager offered to take us, but as we were leaving the Aussie gal from Mad Fish called and offered to give us a tour. She did a great job showing us hardware stores, bakery, shopping centers, etc. Turns out there is a brand new Aeon mall similar to the one in Johor Bahru. It even has a movie theater that is close to opening.

The next day, the haulout was going to be at 1PM. They sent crew over to help manage the lines that would be thrown ashore to hold us in the center of the haulout area. Of course, a 15 knot wind was blowing today (which would have been great for sailing two days earlier!). But, we got over there and were soon tied in place for the machine to go under Tahina and lift us.

Unfortunately, after over and hour and several attempts, we could not get the lifting system to fit underneath Tahina without causing problems to the baffles under our bridge that are non-structural. We even turned Tahina around aft-to and tried, but again were unable. Very frustrating! The manager said that we would have to use another approach on another day. So, we moved Tahina back to the marina slip.

They took measurements yesterday and have a metal frame that fits on top of their machine. I showed them photos of our haul-out done in New Zeland so they plan to use a similar configuration. But, it won’t happen for a few days it appears.

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