Past Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday we made another 80 miles or so, and we are now past Kuala Lumpur. We had a mostly uneventful day. Some motor sailing in the morning and the afternoon which kept our speed up to average about 7 knots. There were several spots where the fishing vessels were numerous. I was surprised the number of ships in the anchorage area off KL were not so numerous. But, a look on the AIS showed there were a high number of ships up the river where the loading/unloading occurs.

We ended up finding a spot to drop our anchor near a developing town called Sekinchan that must have started mostly as a fishing village. We wanted to be near shore so we could pick up Internet. Using Google Earth I discovered this was (and still is) a fishing village which is surrounded by an agricultural area. Interestingly, the crops are criss-crossed with canals and the town itself has several canals going through it. The fishing boats go up these canals for safe harbour and to process their catches. The town has a lot of building going on including what looks like a large hotel. The town already has a new resort hotel just a bit north of town. Quite an interesting place that I wish we had time to see closer. You can see where the town was SE of us in the map below.

We plan to make it all the way to Pangkor today weather permitting. We have just pulled up anchor and are motoring northwest after a night filled with several rain storms and one thunderstorm. We put all our electronics in the microwave oven, but fortunately there were no nearby strikes.

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