Preparations to Leave Complete

We have been hunkered down getting things ready to leave for the boatyard in Pangkor (about 250 nautical miles north of here). I have juggled a number of shipments of boat parts and the sails and it was apparent things weren’t going to arrive here in Puteri Harbour soon enough. We got the most important box from New Zealand – which contained replacement ball-valves for our thru-hulls which needed replacing. It arrived without a hassle. But, the rest were delayed for various reasons.

Meanwhile, we finally heard from the boatyard and have a haul-out scheduled for Monday next week. Last week we went to Singapore for one last trip for Karen’s physical therapy. I managed to play my game for a couple of hours, and we went to dinner at the Chili’s at Sentosa one last time. We spent the night this time because her appointment was in the morning. We also got a few hard-to-find items in Malaysia while we were there.

Last week we did a big shopping run and got two weeks worth of provisions for the trip to Pangkor. I also spent time working on various little projects like a new water filtration system for getting shore water, continuing to clean and wax the top sides of the boat, putting new radiator fluid in the engine that had the water problem a while back, checking the engines/oils before a passage, filing for health insurance benefits, working on our finances, etc., etc.

I fixed a problem with the Google Earth file for our maps. It was a bug in our migration to the new server a while back. It’s working again. I’ve also worked on our photo archives a lot, but nothing really notable to share. Mostly database management and minor refinements to photos that I wanted to improve.

Anyway, we should be leaving day after tomorrow. Tonight we’re going out with a bunch of the boat crews here at the marina now to have drinks and dinner.

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2 Responses to Preparations to Leave Complete

  1. greg says:

    Been wondering what you’ve been up to since it’s been almost 2 weeks since your last post. Was hoping nothing happened to you or Karen to cause it. Glad it was just work. About your Google problem. When I opened the website, a Google message popped up to the effect that there is a problem with key for Google Maps Javascript API v3. It also did it when I opened the next post for the dingy motor problem. Just thought you might know what is wrong.

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    @Greg – Thanks, I’m aware of the problem and trying to get it resolved. Google has done something that has inactivated my key. I’m trying to find a way to get it fixed.

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