Shipments Arrived

New Sails ShipmentYesterday our packages from the US arrived with an assortment of boat parts and some new lines (spinnaker halyard and new jib sheets). It was about 40 lbs (18kg) in three packages. Among the goods were engine parts, LED lights (replacing our halogen deck lights), toilet parts, a new US flag, yarns and other sewing supplies for Karen, new probes for our tank measuring devices, and more. Meanwhile, today the second, even bigger shipment arrived with our new sails and stackpack. It came in a custom bonded truck from Kuala Lumpur (this was done so the shipment agent could charge more money – that’s my belief). Anyway, fortunately 2 guys from the truck, plus two from the local office of the shipper, came along to help with this very heavy shipment. All total it was 355 lbs (161 kg). The heaviest was the mainsail (on the right) – which probably weighed 200+ lbs itself. It took the four guys to carry it onto Tahina. The bigger box had the jib sail and stack pack (the cover for the mainsail). And the long “tube” contains the battens for the mainsail (as seen in the photo here).

For both shipments, a customs officer came to verify we took delivery of our imported goods without paying the duty (since we are a yacht in transit). I had to use our little rubber ship’s stamp and sign about a dozen pages for each shipment. No extra fees were asked to be paid, which was a pleasant surprise.

We have too many toilets on board Tahina, which causes me to have to work on them more than I like. I had previously tried to fix one of these toilets when the pump motor went out. I finally got a new motor and put it in a year ago. In the process, I had cracked a seal housing which caused it to leak. A couple months ago, I figured out how to order just the seal housing. What I didn’t realize until yesterday, when I went to install the new part, is that when I installed the new motor the old leaking housing managed to leak INTO the new motor. Now the second motor is not working. Argh! I will have to investigate whether the motor(s) can be repaired.

Anyway, we now have parts needed to be able to complete a dozen of the three or four dozen projects I have written down for this boatyard trip. Tomorrow we are scheduled to haul out if the new frame they built to lift us properly arrives today as planned. If so, our projects will begin in earnest!

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