Waiting Some More

Sometimes the boating life moves slower than you want. The boatyard last week made it clear they would like to lift us, but they needed to build a metal frame to put wooden blocks in the right places to lift us without damaging the baffles under our bridge deck. Because this was a holiday weekend here too, they had to push back the date until this Friday. So, almost 11 days later than our original haul out date.

Meanwhile, the two big shipments I tried to organize finally left their origins and are both in Kuala Lumpur as of yesterday. They could arrive as early as today, but may be a day or two later. We will have most of the parts and supplies we needed for the projects at that point, so that will be good. And, the new sails will be here too.

We got a rental car and have been driving to the local mall which is the same operator as the mall we went to in Johor Bahru. Only, this one just opened a few months ago, so it’s brand new.

During our attempted haul-out last week, I lost my prescription glasses. We went to the mall yesterday and were able to get new glasses made in 1 hour for a price 1/10th what I paid in the US. Glasses are a real racket with the prices they charge back home. Oh, and they didn’t even charge to do an eye exam to get my prescription! Exam and glasses made in 1 hour for US$60.

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