Third Time Not a Charm

Spent the morning yesterday preparing for our haul-out at Pangkor Marina planned for the afternoon. As you can probably guess from the title, it didn’t happen. This time the problem was the yard’s fault. They had the lift under a boat still from the previous day. The manager, James, said a welder was supposed to show up in the morning to prepare the brackets for supporting that boat so they could remove the lift. But, he didn’t show up until 2:30 PM. High tide was for 3 PM and we couldn’t set up the special equipment for lifting Tahina in time.

Meanwhile, it turns out James had not acquired the required timber for propping on top of the lift to fit Tahina on. I went to the sawmill to order the necessary timber myself. It wasn’t until 4PM that the timber was delivered. By 5 PM, we had the basics of the preparations done. Now that we have it set up, I’m very confident the new system will work. High tide will be at about 3:45 PM today (Friday), so we will have plenty of time to be prepared. No other boats will be hauling out to interfere.

The manager is crediting us on our slip at the marina for the last two days of delays (we were originally supposed to be ready on Wednesday). Now we just have to pray that the weather cooperates and there are no other problems. If it doesn’t work on time today, we delay into the weekend and will have to wait until next week. Argh!

Some people (on Facebook) have been telling me to be patient. But, the reality is that this haul-out has already been delayed a lot, and I’ve been very patient up to this point. It’s normal to take longer than you want to get out of a boatyard. And, I know lots of cruisers get anxious about getting back into the water and out of a boatyard. But, its pretty unusual to have to wait 3 weeks to get INTO the boatyard going on the 4th attempt now!

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2 Responses to Third Time Not a Charm

  1. Kerry Mettert says:

    Wow you can’t get any joy from the boat yard. Hoping #4 will do it for you. How’s the eye coming along?

  2. I can second the anxiousness about getting back in the water. We’ve been up on the hard for faar too long now and cannot wait to be back in! Hoping the 4th time is a charm and you get back in as quickly as possible.

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