Back at Puteri Harbour Near Singapore

We arrived back at Puteri Harbour Marina in Johor, Malaysia, right next door to Singapore (west of it). This is where Tahina stayed for about 4 months while we traveled home to the US during Christmas, and for some medical treatments for my eye done in Singapore. We left two months ago thinking we would not be returning to this area. But, decided to change our plans and sail the east coast of the Malaysia Penninsula during the next few months.

We like the quality of the services at Puteri, which keep getting better since the area is a burgeoning area of growth with new restaurants, stores, a hotel, and a ferry terminal to Indonesia and Singapore now open since we left two months ago.

Our remaining couple of days down the Malacca Straights were uneventful. We had a lot of motoring as usual, but a couple of hours of sailing were managed on each day. We sailed for a little over an hour right through the big ship anchorage west of Singapore at the mouth of the river leading to Johor Bahru. It was a clear day with about 12 knots of breeze, and we had a delightful sail making 8-9 knots as times. It was fun coasting past the shadow of big cargo vessels as we passed sometimes within only a couple of boat-lengths.

Yesterday we went to see a movie at our favorite cinema located at the nearby mall. This is a new theater with very modern seating. We found out they even have a theater with beanbag-based seating (essentially love seats with beanbag seats and backs). We’ll have to try that out next time! We enjoyed watching The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp’s great character acting.

We have booked a trip to Java to see some sights we missed while by-passing much of Indonesia last fall. Then I have a follow-up visit with my eye doctor in Singapore. We will then decide whether we start cruising to the islands north of here, or do more Asia travel while leaving Tahina at Puteri.

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