Eye Progress and Tahina Moving

Went to the eye doctor in Singapore again on Monday. This time he had some good news for me. The eye has made progress on its healing. The eye exam they gave me this time showed some slight acuity improvement. I still have a large astigmatism, but they were able to correct it more this time. The doctor says it will improve as the healing continues. He reduced my medicine again and in two weeks I stop it completely. More importantly, after that, I can go swimming again! I return to him again in two months time, and they will look at taking out the sutures then. All positive news as far as I’m concerned, especially the swimming.

So, this means we can go ahead with our plans to do cruising to the nice waters and islands up the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula. We’ll be going even further north than Pangkor, but on the east side.

Yesterday we started working hard towards getting the boat prepped for departure later this week. We got fuel yesterday and did some cleaning. The fuel was delivered in sixteen 25-liter jerry jugs and the marina staff helped get them on board and siphon them into our tanks.

Today we are getting provisions we can get in Malaysia, doing laundry, and a host of other errands. We also ordered some high-quality imported meats from a butcher in Singapore. Tomorrow we’re going to Singapore by bus to get some other harder to find provisions and pick up the meats. We have a taxi scheduled to pick us up with the already frozen meats and we’ll bring them back directly to our boat (after stopping at immigrations on both sides of course).

We’re very excited about taking the boat to some real anchorages again and being able to do some snorkeling/diving and other water sports we enjoy. White sand beaches, clear blue waters, coral reef, fish, and beautiful resort hotels to visit. We can hardly wait!

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