Heading North Again

Yesterday we finished crossing Singapore’s south side and stopped part way up a little river on the Malaysia side. There is a small Malaysia Navy base there with a nice pier. We anchored just past that. Apparently too close though, and a Navy inflatable came out with 3 nice Navy personnel who explained their commanding officer asked us to move a few hundred meters further upriver. So, we hoisted the anchor and reset. No big deal.

Or so I thought. Later in the evening, I went to look for my glasses. You guessed it. When we were asked to move anchor I jumped to obey and forgot I had my glasses on my shirt (I was wearing my reading glasses instead). While setting the anchor bridle I bend off the bow and my glasses must be sitting in the drink now. I’ll be buying a pair of glasses neck holders when I get the next new pair of glasses. [UPDATE: I found the glasses!]

Anyway, right now I’m happy because as we made the turn north on the east side of the peninsula this morning, a rain squall passed just north. It left some nice winds behind it and we have the sails up and are sailing along. It probably won’t last long, but it’s a happy occasion to be sailing without the motors on! Karen and I both love sailing.

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