Lost Chair

We had another nice day at P. Tioman yesterday. Beautiful place, and we had great weather during our stay. All except for one 15 minute period. More on that in a moment.

After Karen slept in, we went ashore just before lunch to the town area where the ferry dock and airport are located. We first looked to see if there was a dinghy dock at the little marina, but the docks were all full, and no dinghy dock. We stopped at a catamaran, in the mooring area outside, called “Boomerang”, which, of course, was Australian. The skipper, Rod, gave us some tips on where to park our dinghy in town, and that the duty free shop wasn’t too far away. We drove our dinghy by the ferry dock to an inlet which leads to a small canal very protected behind the ferry terminal. That’s where all the local boats are docked.

We walked through the town. None of the cafes looked open yet, so we walked a couple hundred meters away to the duty free shop. What a nice place! They had lots of goods to buy – t-shirts, hats, and other souvenirs for the island, and candy and sodas. Then there was the liquor section! Wow! Cases of beer for about US$20! Large Captain Morgan Rum for only US$15 (yes Jason, we got a couple of those and coke!). After we went back to town and sampled some local foods for lunch, we went back to the duty free shop and loaded up on drinks, beer, liquor and wine.

We spent the afternoon enjoying a nice light breeze on the boat. In the late afternoon I decided to do some work on the shaded back transom cleaning. We brought two nice chairs from the US used for sports outings (the ones that fold out with a canvas bottom, back, and arm rests with drink holders). They are GREAT on our boat because we can move them around and have great seats. I set one out to do the work I was doing.

I had just started working, when suddenly the wind shifted and started blasting 25, 30, and upwards of 35 knots! I was really worried about our awnings. They were shaking violently. Karen and I quickly brought them down. As we were putting them away, I looked up and realized my prized chair was gone. Davy Jones locker takes another prize. The winds stopped just a few minutes later – it was just a small squall passing over the island. Karen offered to dive for the chair (since I can’t yet swim), but I decided the salt water would have done a lot of damage even if we could find it. And, it was potentially in the deeper water near us. We’ll have to buy another one when we got back to the states next time.

We went to the restaurant a second time and enjoyed the inexpensive beer, good food, and the fabulous desserts again. Early this morning, at first light, we left Tioman and continued our journey north. We expect to stop somewhere along the coast, and then take a short jaunt tomorrow to Palau Tinngol where our friends on s/v LeuCat are moored. We hope to visit with them a day or two before making our way to Kuala Terrenganu.

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  1. Lara says:

    Jason will love you forever now Frank, but I don’t know how I’ll cope after 3 days and 2 whole bottles of Captain in him!!! 😉 See you in less than a week!

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