Palau Tioman

View from restaurant in Tioman

View from restaurant in Tioman

We had a nice smooth ride (which means no wind) with sunny skies for our trip out to Palau Tioman (Palau means island in Malay). Tioman is a large resort island a little over 20 miles east of the mainland. We were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful, and tall, volcanic geography. It reminded us of the French Marquesas. Only better with nice golden beaches and resorts on the shoreline.

We pulled in and found an anchorage spot, recommended by s/v Tiare, right near the Berjaya Resort here. The water is back to beautiful dark blue-aqua and turquoise along the shore. We went ashore for dinner and had this great view of the resort pool, the beach, and Tahina in the background (photo above). The dinner was good too.

We plan to stay another day here, and buy some beer. This island is duty free, so the beer is about one-third normal price. That makes a case of 24 only US$15! Check out some photos of the island and our view from the anchorage below:

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The next day we’ll continue north. We’re hoping to meet up with our friends on s/v LeuCat who are visiting some islands on their way back south. They are at the next island north called P. Tenggol. It will take a day and a half to get there.

Here’s a map of where we are now:

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  1. sabre23t says:

    Hi Frank.
    It is always interesting reading your sailing adventures. Especially when they’re about places I’m familiar with such as Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. I’m from Klang and have only been once to those Pulau (Island). Oh, I think Palau is not a Malay word.

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