Photos from Boatyard

I’ve started processing photos from the trip to Pangkor and back. The first batch are photos from our experiences at the boatyard. We didn’t take nearly enough photos of ourselves doing all the hard work – probably because we don’t really want to remember it. But, here are a few photos of the haul-out attempts, successful haul-out, and some of the projects – primarily the new sails, hull-bottom painting, the final results of the bottom cleaning and painting, and going back into the water.

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The album has also been posted back on the post of the day we went back into the water.

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  1. Kerry Mettert says:

    Great pictures. I guess it was time for a haul out. It is amazing what clings to the hulls when in the ocean. The work looked fantastic. Loved the shiny hulls and the shined up look of Tahina. What a great boat. You and Karen probably have nice muscle tone from all the polishing.

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