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We took a plane flight on Sunday from Singapore to Java, Indonesia so we could see some famous temple sites in Yogyakarta. On Tuesday, we were able to see two big temple sites. The first one I’m sharing here is Prambanan. A famous 9th century Hindu temple site with a large 47-meter tall Shiva temple in the middle with many temples surrounding it. It’s a beautiful sight! The photo here was our first view of the temples from the east looking west. I’ve done a bit of photo processing to add some artistic touches to the shot.

As we were approaching the temple, two young university students approached us with their student badges and told us they were learning English and would like to accompany us and provide us with information – at no charge. They were a nice young man and young woman and we think we helped them with a few important english phrases and American terms as well. They were actually very informative and gave us some unique perspectives on the temple site.

Frank and Karen at Parambanan

Frank and Karen at Parambanan

The main large temple is the temple of Shiva – the supreme being. There are two slightly smaller temples on either side that are dedicated to the Brahma and Vishnu. Surrounding the large temples were 224 smaller temples, but all but two of them are just rubble now. You can read more about Prambanan and the gods and temples at the Wikipedia site. The photo here shows Karen and I on the west side with the three main temples in the foreground.

We also went inside several of the temples and saw the statues of Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, as well as several other statues of other gods and animals. The slideshow below shows many views of the temples and the statues. I also took a panoramic view of the temples which I really like. Check them out!

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4 Responses to Visiting Prambanan

  1. Christine Millard says:

    Ahoy Frank and Karen …great photos. How was the haul out? We are hoping to use Pangkor so any tips would be appreciated. Also expecting to sail to South Africa…are you heading that way this season or next ? Spending time at home in Oz…..makes the heart grow fonder of wild woolly nights in the Indian ocean .

    • Frank Taylor says:

      @Christine: The haul-out went fine, although a bit complicated for Tahina because of our unique structures under our bridge deck. If you are a mono-hull, or a catamaran with a clean flat underside to your bridge deck, the haul-out should go quite smoothly at Pangkor. James, the marina manager, is a good guy. We are planning to go across the Indian Ocean late this year.

  2. Yoga Dwi says:

    thank you so much for teaching us ( me and Rahma ) and nice news and the pictures 🙂

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Hi Yoga, thank you and Rahma for telling us so much about Prambanan. You both did a great job! Glad you liked the pictures. Best of luck with your schooling and your future jobs.

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