Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

You may remember a week ago how I was greatly disappointed after finally arriving back at Tioman and going to the Berjaya Resort restaurant only to find out they were out of apple pie after dinner. I checked a couple of times during the past week to see whether they got their re-supply, but it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon they finally got them. I confirmed with the restaurant that they would be serving apple pie in the evening and they said “yes!”.

We spent part of the day in the lapse of luxury with our generator running, and running the air conditioners on board. Our generator is powerful enough to run lots of appliances, so we sometimes take advantage of it. We not only cooled down the boat, but ran the watermaker, did a load of laundry, ran our ice-maker, and ran the watermaker to make up for the water used by the laundry. Karen also took a shower while the boat was cool. We timed this during the hottest part of the afternoon, so we were able to leave the boat in the evening cool and refreshed for dinner.

After our tasty meal, we got to order our desserts. I was half-worried I’d find out they ran out or something, but 5 minutes later, out came the very tasty slice of apple pie ala mode shown in the photo above. I decided part of the excellent taste is the addition of some raisins, and the bit of chocolate added. It’s the best apple pie I’ve had from a restaurant outside of the US (not counting when Karen makes me one of course!). Yummy!

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2 Responses to Apple Pie

  1. Kerry Mettert says:

    The apple pie does look good.

  2. Virginia Edwards says:

    Yummy!!!!!!!!!! Raisins in apple pie, with chocholate, looks like melted hershey. Looks like it was worth the wait. I will have to try that………… Happy you and Karen were not seriously hurt on that motorcycle ride!! I so enjoy reading of your adventures!!! But take care!

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