Arrival at Palau Redang

awesomebeachWe had heard good things about Palau Redang as an anchorage location, so we picked it for the spot we would be when our guests, Jason and Lara, visit. On Sunday, we left the marina and motored in very light winds the 30 miles up to Palau Redang. Except for having to dodge dozens of fish traps, it was an uneventful passage. Palau Redang looked quite pretty as we arrived. The waters here are crystal clear and the deep water around the island is inky blue. As we pulled into the very protected bay we had chosen, we were very pleased with what we saw.

At the end of the bay, were two very white-sand beaches, turquoise waters in the shallow mostly sandy bottoms (dotted with some reefs in places), surrounded by tropical jungle covered hills, pretty rocks jutting into the water, and the large resort off one of the two beaches. Just a few boats supporting the hotel were in the bay when we arrived. You can look at the photos in this album:

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We just sat in awe for a while and enjoyed this beautiful setting. We saw fish jumping all around us, and several turtles surfacing including a couple right near our boat. I took several pictures to capture this moment as seen above.

The water looked so inviting, we just had to take a swim. I’m officially allowed to swim now after almost 5 months since my eye surgery. I still used a mask. While we were in KT for two days, the marina is located on a river with really yellow-brown water. Our waterlines had golden yellow stains on all four sides of our two hulls. We spent a few minutes lightly rubbing sponges to take off most of the stains. We’re pretty bummed after spending a week of hard labor cleaning and waxing the waterlines in June, to have them already dirty so soon.

We’re spending the next couple of days tidying and cleaning up the boat for our guests. Can’t wait to see Jason and Lara again! Here’s a map of our location:

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