Big Disappointment

We were able to sail over one third of the way to Tioman. Not bad for this area so close to the equator actually. We had been motoring in calm seas with no wind the last couple of hours, and just after we passed the islands to the north, we were suddenly hit with 15+ knots of wind. Since we were only 5 miles from arriving, we just put out our jib sail which sped us up quite a bit. Fortunately, the anchorage was a bit sheltered when we arrived and we were able to set the hook without the wind. But, a few minutes later the winds clocked and we were able to verify our anchor was set good thanks to the 20+ knot gusts.

Fortunately, by the evening, the winds settled and we were able to go ashore. I had been waiting for days to arrive to Tioman so I could go to the Berjaya Resort. Not only is the food decent, but they have the best apple pie ala mode I’ve ever had from a restaurant outside the USA! I have been pining for it for weeks since I first discovered it on the way through here three weeks ago.

We had some problems with our service during dinner, but it didn’t worry me too much. Service was just slow because it was crowded. I was too concentrated on that apple pie. Finally, we got to order our dessert. The waiter took my order for apple pie, then Karen ordered. All appeared to be good. But, he came back to me and said: “Sorry sir, we have been out of apple pie for two days.” Arrrrrrrrrrrghhhh…Noooooo! The waiter said they are waiting for supplies on the next cargo vessel. I couldn’t believe it. The banana split I ordered to take its place was just not good enough to replace it.

We have spent another couple of days here at Tioman relaxing. I tried snorkeling at this very popular little island nearby, but I picked the wrong time. Too much current and the water was cloudy. We went for a long walk from the town to some resorts west of it. We saw the marine center – which has a little information center. And we saw some great little resort/villas along a beautiful beach. We’re going to rent a motorbike and explore more of the island today.

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