Busy Day

Tracks of the day

Tracks of the day

First thing in the morning I spent a couple of hours processing photos and writing a blog post about our stay at Palau Redang. Woke up Karen at 8 AM to prepare to depart and make our way to Palau Perhentian which is supposed to be popular for diving. We decided to try first to stop at Palau Lang Tengah – a little island along the way.

After raising anchor, we made our way along the northwest coast of Redang. Another beautiful bay up there. We then crossed to Lang Tengah. The west side has three resorts along a quite pretty shoreline. There was a fair amount of traffic arriving dropping off guests. The first bay was quite deep, so we moved along the shore. We could see that there were reefs that might be good for snorkeling, but there was no obvious place to anchor.

We returned to the deep bay, but as we started to anchor I suggested we just go on the Perhentian where we heard the snorkeling was good. So, we headed that way. We arrived at the big bay off Perhentian Besar (I think its called Floral Bay) and anchored. I dropped the dinghy in the water to go snorkeling – Karen was not feeling up to it yet. I saw lots of boats with tourists snorkeling on the west side. I arrived just as most of the boats were leaving.

The snorkeling was “ok”. Not great. There were mostly staghorn coral, with just a few coral heads scattered that had a bit of life. Plenty of little wrasses and sargent majors – which had obviously been hand fed by the tourists. In other words, not great snorkeling. So, I explored many other areas along the shore both west and east. I didn’t find any thing comparable to what we had at Redang. I then went to the beach near our anchorage down a channel cut through the shallows to the resort. I wanted to find somewhere for dinner. There were several small cafes. None looked particularly appetizing. There was a restaurant at the resort which had a basic buffet setup – the sign said “Join us for breakfast” (it was past lunch now). It was a small buffet arrangement.

I went back to the boat and discussed with Karen. After reading a guidebook, we decided the west island was where most of the population and restaurants were located. So, we decided to move Tahina to Long Beach on the east side of the western island. We went between the islands, and as we got there we noticed a 12 knot breeze from the east. Long Beach was very crowded with boats and beach life and lots of boat traffic. We tried a quieter bay north, but it was a rocky shore and not good on the windward side conditions. So, we moved to a bay on the west side of Besar, which had a resort, and anchored. It was after 4 PM at this point.

Here’s a map of all our movements (including my dinghy trips, snorkeling, and walking if you zoom in):

View BusyDay.kmz in a larger map

We had dragged the dinghy behind us from the last anchorage, so I just jumped in and went ashore. I found the restaurant and asked about dinner. They had a buffet and a menu with a mixture of offerings. They opened at 7PM. So, I went back and we decided we would eat there.

We had an acceptable dinner, but Karen had the buffet and I decided to order off the menu. Unfortunately, it took over an hour for them to deliver my plate of food. Karen was long done with her buffet dinner by this point. But, we had a nice view of Tahina from our beach-front table, and watched the sunset. It would have been nice if they served alcohol, but this place was a no-alcohol facility.

This was a crazy busy day compared to our normal day out on Tahina. I was exhausted! But, we weren’t done. We got back to the boat and raised the dinghy for the night as usual. We had watched signs of a thunderstorm on the mainland. Just as we went inside, we felt a gust of wind. We went out and it started blowing 15 knots or so. We immediately started taking down the awnings. We had 20-25 knots while we were doing that. We got them down just before it started raining. It was a good thing we got done with dinner when we did. Fortunately the rain squall was soon over and the main storm by-passed us. We had a quiet night except for the distant boom of loud music from Long Beach where they were partying until late into the night (thank goodness we didn’t stay there!).

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