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Kapas Walkways

Kapas Walkways

Have been having so much fun I’ve been neglecting the blog the last few days. After our arrival at Palau Kappas, I spent one day exploring ashore. The island’s westward side is filled with small little resorts and cafe’s along the beaches. The beaches are connected with concrete walkways and stairs to get you over the rocky outcroppings between the beaches. The little cafes and beaches remind one of the Caribbean. Most of the tourists were Malaysians who were there for the end of their holidays from the end of Ramadan.

Diesel Hybrid Station

Diesel Hybrid Station

Further down the island I found the Diesel-Hybrid Power Station. They have a bunch of solar panels in addition to the main diesel generator for power for the islands here. “Solar” means diesel, and you can pretty much make out the words in Malay if you speak English.

I did some snorkeling in Kapas, but there was a lot of wind that day and silt in the water reducing visibility. The coral looked pretty lively, but was hard to see or photograph.

We slept a lot better the second night after moving off the mooring and onto our anchor. The mooring lines, and large mooring box, had been making too much noise. We went to dinner at the nearby Gem Isle – which is home to a bit more upscale resort for the islands here. The food quality was reportedly better according to s/v LeuCat. And, they were right. We had a nice meal followed by a very tasty banana split-like dessert. There were more foreigners here than on Kapas as well.

We left early the third morning to head back to Palau Tenngol where we planned to go diving. This was the island we stopped at and visited with s/v LeuCat on the way north a couple weeks ago. It has a beautiful bay with nice little resorts focused on diving as the main attraction.

The winds had calmed down so much we had to motor the whole way – about 36 miles. Unfortunately, a strong counter current developed as the day went on and we ended up with 2.7 knots against us towards the end. We got there about and hour later than expected originally. On our way, we spotted a mono-hull which we speculated might be our new friends on s/v Shuang Yu – a US flagged vessel we met in KT. Sure enough after we got to Tenngol they showed up as well. Ted, the skipper, opted to join me the next day for two dives I had set up with one of the two diving resorts here.

Ted and I had two excellent dives which I’ll describe and share in photos in the next post. Meanwhile, here is a map of our current location:

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