First Dive at Tenggol

Nudibranch at Tenggol

Nudibranch at Tenggol

While at Palau Tenngol, the main goal was to go scuba diving. We heard really nice things about it from guests there when we were visiting there the first time on our way north. Apparently, the resorts there are pretty dedicated to scuba diving as the main attraction. Although, the island is a beautiful volcanic mountain, covered in tropical vegetation, with an awesome protected bay on the west side.

The skipper of s/v Shuang Yu, Ted, joined me on the first day of two dives. During the first dive, we went to the northwest side of the island and had a very pleasant dive along the cliff walls of the island. We saw the usual variety of coral and fish, a couple of sightings of trevally and a turtle or two. But, the main attraction to this dive were the nudibranch. Nudibranch are soft mollusk sometimes of very unique colors and truly look alien when viewed up close. I’ve only rarely seen them in my other dives. But, on this dive we saw lots of them! And some were much larger than I’ve usually seen. Here’s a photo album of the different ones we saw – and a really cool red anemone as well:

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UPDATE: I realized I never posted the second album of underwater diving at Tenngul. This album has mostly shots of the nudibranch creatures we spotted:

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