Leaving Tenggol

It has been a really nice time here at Palau Tenggol. I did four dives (two with each of the little resorts here), and they were all excellent. This is a great place to go diving, but it is not known much beyond local tourism. Most of the visitors here now were weekenders from KL. Lots of photos/videos to share both below and above the water. I used my new GoPro Hero underwater and got some really nice video.

We also got to know the crew of s/v Shuang Yu, who we first met briefly in KT. The skipper, Ted, went diving with me on the first day. He and his wife came over for sundowners to Tahina that evening. Yesterday, after my two dives, we spent some time discussing routes and weather to Tioman. Then in the evening we arranged and went to dinner at one of the resort restaurants here.

We are leaving today (Monday) at about 7 AM to make our way south along the mainland coast for a night. Then we will make our way out to Tioman the next day. You don’t want to sail at night here because there are too many random fishing traps you can’t see in the night.

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