Made it to KT

Route to KT

Route to KT

Our main goal during the last week was to sail from Puteri Harbor in Johor, Malaysia up to Kuala Terrenganu (known as KT for short). KT is the larges city in the state of Terrenganu, and the capital, and has a decent marina to stop at and top up supplies. This is where our friends Jason and Lara will fly in and then take the ferry out to Palau Redang to meet us on Tuesday. KT was 340 nautical miles from Puteri Harbour and we made it on Friday, one week from when we left Puteri. You can see from the map here our route and where Palau Tioman, Tenngol and KT are located.

We also stopped in 3 other places that were just convenient stopping points to avoid sailing at night. The waters around here are littered with fishing traps, fisherman, and their nets. So, you have to keep a sharp eye out. Travel at night is not recommended, or you could run into one of these and get rope tied up in your props or rudders.

Yesterday we went to town and did some more shopping. We also spent a lot of time cleaning up inside and outside the boat. I stopped the outside part for two reasons. One, because we still have a 30 mile trip out to Redang and it might just get dirty again. And, two, because the Sumatra fires are going again, and we’re getting dirt all the time on top of the boat.

KT is really busy right now. It is almost the big holiday celebration at the end of Ramadan – the muslim period of fasting followed by celebration. This is a very muslim area and it was like Christmas shopping at the stores yesterday. It was so busy our taxi driver was ready to call it quits. He said the traffic was too much (it wasn’t really that bad, I guess this is normally a slow town). The prayer calls are especially loud at sunset and sunrise here. Plus, as the end of Redang approaches, they are shooting off fireworks at all hours of the day and night.

We are leaving today (Sunday morning) to make the 30 mile trip out to Redang. I’m anxious to leave the marina and get to what is reportedly one of the best anchorages out here. Here is a map of our current location in KT:

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