Former Crew Arrive to Tahina

Jason and Lara

Jason and Lara

Back in 2010, we recruited on the Internet for some crew to aid us in our long passages across the Pacific to French Polynesia. We had several interesting candidates, but it was a young couple from Florida that got our attention. They had years of sailing experience on racing boats in Florida, but little cruising experience. But, they were anxious to learn. And, they planned to go to New Zealand to live and work a while afterwards. Jason and Lara joined us at the Panama Canal and ended up sailing with us all the way to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Jason and Lara were really great crew, but they became friends too.

They arrived yesterday afternoon to Palau Redang by plane from Singapore. The hotel picked them up in their vans and we met them at the hotel. We knew they would like the location, and they did. We went to the boat for a couple hours catching up, and then went for a snorkel at the reefs nearby. Then we got ready and went to the hotel to try out their buffet. Wow! Great food, and plenty of it! After dinner, back to the boat for more drinks and catching up.

Lots more fun in the next few days. Posts might be light until I catch up after they leave.

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