Interesting Departure and Palau Kapas

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we headed out from Kuala Terengganu (KT) for the nearby Palau Kapas which is only about 11 miles away. Before we left, I took care of some chores like taking out trash, and paying for the marina. I also stopped and chatted with the two other cruising boats on our dock.

Big Ship Little Dock

Big Ship Little Dock

Karen was getting ready when I noticed this large drilling rig ship was moving past the marina. Two guys with orange vests were standing on the end of the other dock in front of us like they were waiting for a boat. Unbelievably, this huge ship was headed for the dock! I briefly considered trying to rush us out before it arrived, but we weren’t quite ready. We watched in disbelief as they dropped anchor in front of the dock, backed up and dropped another anchor and were going to move themselves closer to this dock. This ship could break the dock like it was matchsticks!

As they were getting close, there was room for us to get out. We had been prepping, so we just got our engines going, cast the lines, and – with help from one of the other yachties – cast off and left right behind the stern of the big ship!

After that drama, we calmly motored out of the port. There was a nice 8-10 knot breeze blowing a bit off our course. So, on a tight reach we could tack our way up to Kapas. So, we raised sail. We had a delightful sail – averaging about 5-6 knots. The winds clocked as we were doing this and we actually only had two tacks. Then we just dropped sails and motored the final mile to the mooring LeuCat had used when they were here a while back. Beautiful spot!

We immediately set up our awnings after arriving and watched the antics of the resort guests on the beach and in the water. Lots of kayaking going on by them as well. I took a dip in the water, but was very careful because we noticed LOTS of jelly fish near our boat at the mooring. Big long-tentacled ones!

We spent part of the afternoon/evening with very frustrating attempts to maintain an Internet connection. We must be on the edge of the wireless service here as both providers we use have problems here. We then cooked some dinner and enjoyed the scenery and nice breeze.

During the night we had lots of little breezes. The mooring made a lot of noise with our two lines connected to it rubbing on our bow transom. We are going to get off the mooring and just anchor tonight. I plan to do some exploring and snorkeling, and we’re going to try some meals at the nearby resorts based on recommendations from s/v LeuCat.

I spent the morning processing our GPS tracks and updating the Tahina maps with our anchorages and tracks. So, now you can see all the places we’ve been going during the last month on the east side of this peninsula of Malaysia.

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