Palau Redang and Photos

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Dinner at Redang

Dinner at Redang

We have had a wonderful week at Palau Redang. Karen and I enjoyed being able to go to the resort for an occasional dinner. But, the real treat was having our guests here.

Lara and Jason were only able to stay three days. They are trying to visit a lot of places in southeast Asia before returning home to the US next month. It was such a great pleasure to see them again and have them visit Tahina again after they were our crew for a few months three years ago. We spent many hours just catching up.

The first night we went to dinner at the Taaras Resort (formerly called the Berjaya Redang Resort). Apparently this was a name change so they could raise the pricing of the resort. The buffet was really excellent here, but also at a higher price than the other Berjaya resort we went to in Tioman. We really enjoyed the food though and even went there again the night before they left.

The next day we took Tahina to the southern tip of Redang. There’s another smaller island just south, and on the southern tip is a good diving/snorkeling site we heard about. We spent the day making multiple trips down there to snorkel. Between the snorkeling there, and the multiple times at our anchorage at the northern site, we have lots of photos to share. There was a marine science center there, but it was closed for the Ramadan holidays.

We sailed back to the anchorage, and then Karen made some dinner on Tahina. We also enjoyed some of the duty-free drinks we bought in Tioman. The next day we had a more relaxing morning just sitting around on the boat and enjoying the views and the company. In the afternoon after some swimming, Lara and Jason went ashore to walk the beaches and explore around the resort. That evening we went to the buffet again.

Heart table of sand

Heart table of sand

On the beach, the resort sometimes makes a table for two shaped like a heart made out of sand. They get a private waiter, chilled bottle of champagne, great food, and a view literally from the beach.

The next morning, after Lara cooked up some pancakes for breakfast, they spent some time packing up. We had to say our goodbyes all too soon before we took them ashore to catch the ferry for their next flight. We will really miss them and wish them the best of luck with their upcoming wedding next year.

Clown Fish closeups

Clown Fish closeups

The slideshow below includes the usual shots of coral and fish. But, especially a lot of clown fish which this place has in abundance. I practiced some new close-up techniques and really like some of the clown fish shots I got. We also saw some turtles off the southern tip location. Off the island down there, we went to a spot where they take tourists. They apparently give them food to feed the fish because they swarmed around us when we went there. The Redang Marine Center is located on the southern island and they had put some metal structures in the water to attempt to accelerate reef growth (we think).

Check out the photos – they show photos of the anchorage, eating at the resort, and lots of underwater snorkeling shots.

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