Tahina Visits LeuCat

Tahina Flying Spinnaker

Tahina Flying Spinnaker

We spent a full day making our way as far north and to the mainland of the east side of the Malaysia peninsula. We were just north of the port of Kuantan as sunset approached. We had an hour or two of pure sailing, and most of the day was spent motor sailing with low-RPMs (just so we could keep our speed up and make the miles we needed). It was a bit swelly as the sun set since the winds were from the SE at that point. But, the winds calmed as did the swell. We got a pretty good night’s sleep.

The next morning, we motored along the coast for about 15 miles, then veered NE to head direct for Palau Tenngol where we were to meet up with s/v LeuCat. The position where we left the coast put us in perfect wind angle for spinnaker sailing and the winds were already 12 knots with a bit higher forecasted. So, we raised the spinnaker and had a delightful downwind sail to the island. We averaged over 8 knots. The only thing marring the trip was the constant watch required to avoid the fish traps and nets. We had limited manuevering with the spinnaker flying, but we avoided all the bouys, and never snagged anything. It was far more fish traps than the rest of the trip north though.

As we approached the island, I contacted Dave on s/v LeuCat to let him know we were arriving soon. I asked if he could take some pictures since we have no pictures of Tahina flying the spinnaker from another boat (or shore). That’s how the photo above was done. We sailed right past the anchorage’s bay, and dropped the spinnaker, turned around, and motored in to find the other mooring available.

Dave came right over with his dinghy and handed me a card with the pictures on them. He also invited us to come over for a steak dinner! After resting a while, we took showers, collected some cheeses, crackers, and drinks, and took our dinghy over to LeuCat.

It was so nice to catch up with Dave and Mary Margaret. The USDA steaks he served after grilling them were superb, as were the salads, home made dressing, and baked potato. Americans know how to make a steak dinner! The only thing I was missing was apple pie. But, we had a great time chatting and catching up with them. And, they gave us some great info on places to visit and hang out up here.

We had a squall pass over the bay during the night. Karen and I got up and took down our awnings, although the winds didn’t get too bad. We had a brief strong rain shower, and then it was over. The next morning Dave went ashore and set up for us to go to lunch at the small hotel eatery on the beach. But, when we all arrived, we were told the cook had not returned from a supply run. So, the backup cook prepared us with some fried rice, or burgers and fries. The food was fine, but the conversation as usual was much more entertaining. We spent the afternoon chatting more.

I put my phone way up the mast and picked up a cell signal, so that’s how I’m getting this post out. Cool! Map of our location below. We are leaving tomorrow to head north, and LeuCat is headed south. We may see them on our way back up the Malacca Straight in a couple of months.

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