Big Step Forward Big Step Back

A week ago Wednesday, we managed to quickly acquire the most critical system we needed to replace – our new Victron inverter charger. It was almost a miracle I managed to find the exact unit we needed in Singapore, and go buy it and bring it back into Malaysia. It installed fine and worked great.

Notice the past tense there? Yesterday, we left the marina after disconnecting from shore power like we normally do. We stopped and got fuel at the fuel dock, and followed s/v Totem down the river. I had the inverter on while we traveled to the first island – Palau Pisang. We arrived about mid-afternoon. After we set our anchor (using the manual method since our windlass doesn’t work electrically going down at the moment), I went to turn off the inverter since we like to conserve power at anchor. I noticed the green light wasn’t on, instead the red “Overload” light was on. Uh oh. I shut it off, and tried turning it back on. It did it again. After testing things with a multi-meter, and even disconnecting our AC power from the system, it appeared the unit was not working properly.

I called my contact in Singapore, and he said not to worry. They have another unit in stock, and can ship it up to us at our next marina if needed. He asked me to write up a report on what happened and sent it to the manufacturer.

So, it appears we are back a big step on the inverter side. Meanwhile, not a lot of research is getting done on the new systems we need to purchase. It’s too hard driving the boat without an auto-pilot to have time to do that.

On the positive news front, we got to sail a few hours this morning and averaged about 8 knots! That’s a big rarity going up the Straight of Malacca. We are now headed to an anchorage just a couple of miles south of the city of Malacca. We expect to arrive a bit past 4 PM – plenty early for a 60+ mile trip from the last stop. Tomorrow we plan to make way for Port Dickson and stop at the marina there.

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  1. grant scholl says:

    Port Dickson is lovely. We ended up spending about a week longer than the 2 days planned there. There is also a rope yard reasonably close by, who makes ropes sold to a couple of the big name brands. They will sell direct at very discounted prices

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