Card Tournament

Medal winners

Medal winners

The crew of s/v Totem have a special card game variant of rummy that they have played in their family for a long time. They have started a tradition of playing tournaments on Board Game Card Sleeves with the crews of other boats each year. We were fortunate to have the crews of three boats (Totem, Utopia II, and Tahina) together this year here at Tioman Island in Malaysia. Tahina had the space, so we hosted the event on our boat.

There were two sets of 7 games each played over the course of the afternoon/evening. Plenty of attempts to ply alcohol as a strategy were made. Lots of fun was had. It came out that a cousin of the Totem family, who has been visiting with them for a couple of weeks, had not seen “Captain Ron”. So, while the scores were being tabulated, we started the movie. We took a break in the movie to hear the announcement of the winners, and to award them these fantastic gold, silver, and bronze metals they had made.

As luck would have it, the top three winners had one representative from each boat. Third place went to Andrew of Utopia, second place went to Frank of Tahina, and first place went to Behan of Totem. Behan was super excited to have won a gold medal, her first time apparently. She has been wearing the medal for days around town!

Here are some photos from the tournament:

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