Hike Through a Tropical Forest

Jungle walk

Jungle walk

A couple days ago, the crews from four boats (Tahina, Totem, Muskat, and Utopia II) went on a hike up the mountains of Tioman Island and through the tropical forest. There is a well-maintained trail complete with concrete steps in some of the steeper sections, and they were even cutting parts of the vegetation on the trail back on the day we went.

The tropical forest was quite pretty. We were often completely encased in the jungle canopy and it was too dark to see with sunglasses. We saw a lot of wildlife. Mostly insects, birds, and a few snakes. We did hear a huge crash and a bunch of monkey noises at one point. But, we never saw the monkeys. There are plenty of monkeys in the little villages if you keep an eye out for them.

I took a cool panoramic photosphere inside a steep section of the jungle, giving you a sense of what it was like. You can see it in this Google+ post along with photos of some of the critters we spotted. I also liked the very cool flat worm with the weird yellow protuberances around its head (or is that the tail?).

We all made it to the crest of the mountains, but some folks went back down the way we came. One of the Totem girls was not feeling well, so her Mom took her back to the boat. The rest of us finished walking the trail and were soon on a winding road down the other side and to the town of Jurang which is located on a pretty white sand beach with nice looking bay and a pier for ferries. There are a few small resorts, and several cafes on the east side of the island here. We stopped at a little store and got cold drinks, ice cream and other snacks. Also, there is a turtle sanctuary at another beach, which we walked another mile to go visit.

After the turtle sanctuary, we got a taxi – in the form of a pickup truck – to drive us back to the marina where our dinghies were waiting to take us back to the boat.

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