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Since our lightning strike on the 5th of September, we have been working hard to buy and replace equipment. Unfortunately, our Raymarine system was the latest stuff at the time we bought the boat, but near the end of its marketing life. All new equipment was introduced not long after we bought the boat. Now, those models have been superseded by new designs and networks. As a result, we need to upgrade the boat network to bring it to current standards.

Zeus Touch 12

Zeus Touch 12

Working with my friend Jamie, on s/v Totem, we have chosen to go with an NMEA 2000 network and with a mix of Navico B&G instruments (chartplotter/displays, autopilot, radar), Maretron wiring and wind instrument, and Navico Simrad fishfinder. We did a lot of research on the various options in the market before choosing this system. I think it is going to be a really great system.

The new NMEA 2000 network is a more open standard network which will allow us to more easily upgrade to alternative equipment if needed at some later date. Our proprietary Raymarine network gave us little choice to use other vendor equipment for many of the functions. This means we have to pull a lot of old wires, but the new network will be more flexible and require fewer overall wires once installed.

Triton Display

Triton Display

The newer hardware has the advantage (over our early-2000 designed equipment) of faster processors, brighter displays, color displays instead of monochrome in a lot of places, and better power efficiency. We will also have the ability to interface with the network with our laptops and mobile devices.

We are just about ready to place our order for the new system. I’m hoping we can get it all delivered within the next two weeks. We will work on installation preparation (and de-installing non-functioning eqiupment) in the meantime. And, there are several other pieces of equipment we are also working on in the meantime, like getting the replacement unit for the new broken Victron unit, the parts for the windlass that were taken out, and some burned out LED lights.

We are currently staying at the Admiral Marina in Port Dickson while we get this stuff ordered. I made a trip down to Singapore on Tuesday (more on that later), and we are going to make a visit of Malacca soon.

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