Pizza in Paradise

Pizza bar

Pizza bar

We have been having a grand time hanging out with the crews of several boats here in Palau Tioman in Malaysia. Our friends on s/v Totem arrived with their three kids, and another boat Utopia II with four kids was here as well. Turns out we had briefly met Utopia in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Totem we had actually first met in French Polynesia, but didn’t get to know them until we were in Australia.

Anyway, there have been several sundowners (drinks and nibbles at sundown) over on Tahina with everyone over the last few days. I’ll describe these more (with a few photos) in the next post.

Yesterday, was a really busy day. In the morning, most of us went ashore and hiked across the main island mountain. It was on a path through a tropical forest, and we saw quite a bit of wildlife. After about five miles, we ended up at a turtle sanctuary on the other side. We organized a truck ride back. In the afternoon, we moved Tahina to a mooring next to some reefs, and got our ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) out and showed the kids some fun driving it underwater around the reef. More pictures and details about these activies as well in a later post.

In the evening, we ended up going for pizza across the bay. This pizza bar was right on the beach with an awesome view of the sunset. I took some cool pictures, including panoramic photospheres. Check them out below:

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