Delays Cause Travel Issues

While we made excellent progress at repairing from the lightning, our time on the hard at the boatyard has been extended by weeks. The reason is we needed to get parts to do maintenance on our saildrives. Plus, once we get the parts, the only qualified mechanic will need several days to get the work done. While very thorough and good at his job, he is not fast. And, his quality keeps him busy.

Our delays for medical issues (primarily my eye surgery and the longer than expected recovers), and now the lightning and engine parts delays, have had a huge effect on our near term plans. We had planned to go in September to do our travel we had planned for Cambodia and Vietnam. And, we were then supposed to move the boat to Thailand.

We are flying home in mid-November for a short 3 week trip to the USA to visit home for Thanksgiving. The plan was to return in early December and begin provisioning and preparing for the big passage across the Indian Ocean – while doing a bit more sightseeing in Thailand.

Now, all the travel plans are messed up. We are thinking we are going to have to delay our departure across the Indian Ocean, and somehow squeeze in our travel in SE Asia when we get back from the US. The problem is this has repercussions for other plans next year after the crossing.

Those of you who know me, will understand I’m rather frazzled by all this. I’m very goal oriented, and the Indian Ocean crossing is very critical, as are the critical sightseeing opportunities in SE Asia we have had planned. The time we had picked was for optimal weather conditions for the crossing. The Indian Ocean crossing is one of the hardest parts of our circumnavigation. Delaying puts us at risk for less ideal sailing conditions.

I’ll just have to adjust the goal to the objectives and give up on the schedule. It won’t be the first time. It’s part of the life of cruising sailing.

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