Eye Improvement

Eye Sutures

Eye Sutures

During my last appointment with the eye doctor in Singapore two weeks ago, the doctor noted that the eye has stabilized – no changes to the vision, and the healing had completed. Unfortunately, the vision wasn’t any better. The doctor was ready to take the sutures out, but he explained that there is no telling whether the vision would get better or worse after removing them. A 50-50 chance he said. The sutures could be a tiny bit tight, or loose and alter the shape of the eye. I wasn’t getting much use from the eye as it was (with a very high astigmatism not correctable to 20/20). So, he removed one of the two sets of sutures.

Now, after two weeks, I can say that the removal resulted in an improvement. For the first time in months, my vision was a bit better. Not great, but I could tell the astigmatism has dropped noticeably. I can even read my computer screen with the bad eye if I’m at the right distance! Hopefully with a prescription the eye can now be corrected to 20/20.

I go back to the doctor in a week, and I guess he may consider removing the other suture. I don’t know. I did ask him last time about the cataract. The original infection that caused me to almost lose the eye, not only scarred my old cornea, but also damaged the lens causing premature cataract. The doctor told me that after the eye stabilizes from removing the sutures, it would be possible to consider fixing the cataract. We want the eye to stabilize first, because this would be the opportunity to replace the lens with one that corrects my vision at the same time.

For now, I’m just happy to see some improvement, and have a good prospect that I will be able to see clearly through the eye at some point in the future.

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