Lightning Project Installation Phase

Yacht In Transit

Yacht In Transit

A lot has happened in the month since our lightning strike on September 5th. Just read the previous few posts for a small taste. Our friend Jamie on s/v Totem has been an immense help in figuring out what was the best choices for replacing our navigation system that was taken out of commission by the lightning. And, he has been helping in every step of the way in the uninstall and install as well. We sorted out the things we needed to order and got quotes from two outfits –, and an outfit based in Asia that builds megayachts. We ended up splitting the orders according to who had the parts we needed available. We only ended up with one item on back-order and it is being shipped now.

During the last 7-10 days, we have spent a lot of time in removing the old parts and wires throughout the boat. A big job. Despite having done extensive installations and repairs on the boat in the past 5 years, there were new nooks and crannies I never knew about. We had to crawl under, over, and inside many places all over the boat. Wires, boxes, zip ties, screws, bolts, nuts, and tools have been scattered all over the boat. We have had to go up the mast multiple times to remove lights, horns, antennas, and cables. This is not easy work and takes many, many hours to do.

This week, on Tuesday, the order from, based in the US, arrived. They had this great label on the outside of the box that is bright orange and says “Yacht In Transit”. The marina manager here said this was the best way of labeling a package he has seen. The reason is that yachts are supposed to get parts like this duty free in most countries. But, if you neglect to mark them with “Yacht In Transit” the customs will often attempt to assess duties and can result in big delays or even having to pay duty. They will ensure that the packaging leaves and is received in good condition.

We got our Victron inverter/charger back from Singapore. The manufacturer decided to repair the unit rather than replace it with a new one. I’m hoping they made the right choice. We got the new one installed, and also got the network box that was broken. The unit installed and everything functioned normally. We’ll be keeping a close eye on it in the coming days. We are now hooked to shorepower and it is charging happily and providing us with house appliance power again.

Yesterday, our other order arrived which had the rest of our equipment orders. It was like Christmas on Tahina this week with all these cool boxes to open! We are really excited to get all of these installed and working on Tahina. But, we have a daunting amount of tasks left. It has been great having Jamie to work alongside. Without him this task would not be getting done nearly as fast, and we need to be done or we’ll not have time to test and calibrate and fully vet the new system before our Indian Ocean crossing.

Here are a few photos of the new stuff arriving:

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This weekend Tahina will be hauled out here again at Pangkor Marina. The marina manager, James Khoo, is a really good guy and was a great help to us last time as well. He kept all the wood we bought to erect a special frame to lift Tahina on his haul-out machine. Unfortunately, somebody raided the wood without permission a few days ago and cut some of the wood. So, new wood had to be bought. That was a small hiccup for James though, he has a much bigger problem because a big megayacht came in a few days ago and bashed into one of his main docks and broke the piling. Now several of his largest side-to slips are unavailable for docking.

We will be living on the hard until we get everything installed. We will have to do some painting touch-up and other out-of-the-water projects as well. It is never fun being out of the water, but we will be especially excited to get back in the water this time to try out our new systems.

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