New Equipment Installed Now We Wait

Jamie up mast

Jamie up mast

As mentioned in the previous post, we finished the install of our new navigation system in record time. I’m going to share some pictures below. The one here is of Jamie on one of several trips he made up the mast. We could have gone back in the water on Tuesday, but we are trying to get our parts for our sail-drive maintenance. I made the mistake of letting the mechanic here order the parts, and after over a week he came back to say the local supplier has to go overseas and it will take 2 weeks! I’m now going to place my own order from other sources and try to get them next week. Argh!

New install

New install

Here is a picture of the systems installed under the nav station after Jamie tidied up the cabling. A very nice layout and we tried to get them in a layout similar to the original set up to help me remember where to find things.

And here we have the helm station with the new B&G chartplotter, instrument displays, and the remote panel for the anchor. It all looks pretty, but the real test is the actual displays with data on them, which I will share in an upcoming blog post.


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  1. GERARD says:

    wow you guys did a great recovery. Hope you will not find anymore surprises?

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