Splash Date is Set

After finally getting our parts on Tuesday, we got the details worked out on when we can get the engine work completed and get back in the water. We will be splashing next Tuesday shortly after the work is scheduled to complete. It turns out the engine mechanic could have done some of the work while we were waiting for the other parts and saved us at least 3 or 4 days. So, I wasn’t happy about that. Despite this, I had hoped to go the next day (to allow for any last minute delays), but we found out the marina has plans to do maintenance on the boat lift and we would have had to wait ANOTHER week if we don’t go on Tuesday. Which we can’t afford due to our already greatly delayed travel plan to get north.

Yesterday I had to reschedule my next eye doctor appointment a day earlier (to Monday) so I can get down to Singapore and back in time for the splash down day. We will spend another day here at Pangkor to calibrate our new autopilot and other equipment in the water, before we make the trip north. Then we will leave on Thursday morning. We now have reservations at the marinas headed north, and for keeping Tahina at dock while we head home to the US for the Thanksgiving holiday. And, we’ve now booked our flight from Langkawi to get to Bangkok where our flight is leaving to the US.

Lots of details left to do to make sure Tahina is ready for the splash. Plus, I have a long checklist of things to make sure is done when we get in the water to make sure they are working right after the new installs. Not the least of which will be the engine work, and the new instruments installed in the hulls to make sure they aren’t leaking!

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