Made it to Langkawi

Langkawi At Anchor

Langkawi At Anchor

We were originally planning to be in Langkawi by June. But, we changed our plans and did the east coast of Malaysia instead. We finally arrived to Langkawi yesterday. What a beautiful place! Check out the screenshot of the place where we are anchored shown in Google Earth. Below is an interactive map of the Langkawi island area, which is located on the northern border between Malaysia and Thailand.

We chose to anchor in the place above so we could visit with our friends on s/v Totem. They organized a beach-fire cookout on a little island nearby and Behan made me an apple pie! There are at least 4 US boats anchored here (counting Tahina) and it was an all-American beach party. It was great meeting up with them, but we have to leave to move the boat into the marina where we are keeping Tahina while we fly home to the US.

Will probably be too busy for a while with all the traveling to do much more than short updates. Wish us luck on the trip home.

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