More Time in Asia

The ripple effect from delays caused by my eye surgery and extended recovery, and the two months we recently lost recovering from lightning damage, have caused more delays for our departure plans from Asia. We still have not completed our minimal requirements of sightseeing in Asia, and weather factors prevent us from leaving to cross the Indian Ocean until the tropical season passes in the southern latitudes.

So, we will spend a few weeks upon our return from the US to do the sightseeing in Asia we planned. Which is a good thing. We will re-evaluate the best times and routes for crossing (no earlier than March/April), and go when the time is right. If this means further delays down the road, we’ll just have to find new plans. That’s the way of the cruising life sometimes.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying our time in the US, and I’ve nearly completed ordering all the latest supplies and parts for Tahina. It’s nice coming home to see all the family and friends, eat gobs of food we know and love at our favorite restaurants, be overwhelmed by the amazing selections of goods and foods at the stores, and watch a few of the latest of movies. We normally enjoy the “vacation” from our boat by coming home, but this time is especially welcome because of the recent hardships.

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