New Navigation System Works

Weather routing

Weather routing

Yesterday we completed our first real passage with the new navigation system from Pangkor to just south of Penang. Despite my having done many dry runs while we were in the boatyard, I still had a thing or two to learn and tweak to make it run better. But, within a few hours we had it all looking and running well. We did get to try out the new radar a good bit, and it did an excellent job of detecting even small fishing boats, and as we were arriving to our anchorage for the night we had a rain squall pass in front of us. You can see from the screenshot of the chartplotter above that we used the radar to re-route ourselves around the squall.

Really like the new color digital instruments (B&G Triton displays) which let you select from a wide range of graphical and numerical instrument display pages. The autopilot did a great job, but we didn’t get to sail with the autopilot (not enough wind), so that’s one area that will still need testing. It was a huge relief not having to hand steer the 70 miles we went yesterday.

Over all, we are quite happy with the new navigation system. There are still things to learn. But, the basic functions all worked quite well, and the information we needed was mostly available in equivalent or better fashion than before. Map below shows where we are anchored:

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  1. duane heil says:

    Have you had any trouble with pirates?

    FYI, I used to crew an Australian Maxi race yacht back in 1986.

    All the Best!

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