Vacation at Home

Most people would view our trip sailing around the world as a vacation. And, in many ways, it is. But, the reality is that much of our time is spent organizing and preparing the boat, and for our other needs, for the really ideal adventures like visiting Fiji, the Tuamotus, Vanuatu volcanoes, New Zealand, etc. But, the fact is those experiences are only brief time periods between all the preparations. The two months before this trip were spent recovering from the lightning strike, and the subsequent several weeks in the boatyard again, was all quite a drain on us. But, thank God we were coming home to the USA for a vacation from the boat!

After our 36 hours of travel, we finally arrived in New York to visit with our daughter Catherine who is going to school there. We then flew our other daughter Patricia up and spent 4 days in New York City. Next we flew down to Raleigh and have been visiting with friends and family, eating at our favorite restaurants, going out to see movies, and enjoying revisiting our home grounds.

The highlight for this trip was to visit with family for Thanksgiving Day. We were disappointed that some of the family were not able to join us this year. As the family grows, obligations with other families weighs in, and so we were missing a fair number of the usual crowd. But, we still had 16 or so for the big dinner (normal crowd is 25+). Food was great, and we all ate too much. Which is part of the tradition of course. It was a wonderful time spent with family that was appreciated even more than usual this time.

Of course, we have also spent a lot of time shopping for stuff we want to take back with us. I had several shipments of boat parts sent in and we had to buy an extra big bag for one item. We needed to get a new membrane for our watermaker and it is 44 inches long in its box. We ended up buying a sports bag from a 2nd-hand sporting goods shop that was perfect. Lots of other smaller boat parts, Karen got galley goods, and clothes and other stuff as well. We’ll have full bags on the trip back.

We still have a few other items left to acquire and the delicate task of balancing the baggage to avoid going over weight. We also plan to see a couple more movies, and visit with our daughters a few more times before we start our trip back to Malaysia next week.

Big thanks go to my friend, and long-time business partner, Andy and his wife Aliza for hosting us once again in their house in Raleigh. They are like our home away from home when we visit the US, and graciously allow us the use of one of their cars too. We hope to repay them when they come to visit us in our home when Tahina gets back to the Caribbean.

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  1. Linda Moore says:

    You are making me homesick! As I am in Turkey and finalizing plans for our trip back home, you are in our neighborhood visiting with our mutual friends. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time in the U.S. Sorry our schedules didn’t overlap, but maybe next time. It’s not a vacation…it’s our life! Enjoy the rest of your visit!

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