Busy Week Back in Malaysia

Spray Dodger

Spray Dodger

It has been nice being back at Rebak Marina on our home Tahina. We have installed a few of the parts we brought back with us from the US, and begun putting away everything. We will have more work to do over the coming weeks with projects like Karen’s replacing our aging spray dodgers (they are like our windshields at the helm protecting us from wind and ocean spray). It will take quite a while to make the new ones since we plan some modifications so we can open them for breeze without removing the entire dodger. And, I will be installing the new membrane for the watermaker we brought from the US.

Meanwhile, we have been enjoying the company of the crews from several boats we know well. This year’s Indonesia and Malaysia Rally boats arrived during the last week here at Rebak. Included were two boats we know well s/v Inspiration Lady and s/v Jackster. Jackster wasn’t able to get a slip, so we haven’t seen their crew yet. We have also visited with Kilkea, Imagine, Callisto, and, Sea Mist. These are all boats who we have known since our Pacific Crossing in 2010-11.

Karen made our bookings for a trip to Cambodia where we will see Angkor Wat and other sights. We’ll be back in time for Christmas here at the marina. They have a couple of socials planned for the holiday, and we will have our friends from other boats with us to compensate for missing being with family this time.

I left on Monday to fly back to Singapore for another eye doctor appointment. The appointment went well, and the doctor removed the last suture in my eye. I now have to wait and see if this results in an improvement in the vision. It could go either way. Initially it looked better for sure, but a day later it wasn’t so good. Time will tell.

Unfortunately, the trip back to Langkawi was more adventure than I wanted. Read this brief summary I shared on Facebook:

Who knew that air travel could be a fitness regimen (and no, I’m not talking about trying to fly myself) and an adventure? Yesterday’s trip from Singapore back to Langkawi turned out to be an unwanted adventure. Delayed initial flight to KL, long distance walking, long lines for immigration, running around an unexpected wrong airport in KL to find transportation to the airport I was supposed to be connecting with, missing the connecting flight, having to buy a business class ticket, next (and last) flight to Langkawi was very late, having only 11 minutes from the plane door to get to the ferry terminal 2 miles from the airport for the last ferry at 10:30PM to Rebak Island (where Tahina is). I actually made it! First off the plane, ran to the taxi, flew to the dock (tipped the driver). Wow. Really glad I didn’t have luggage.

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