Going to Cambodia to Sightsee

Well, after months of delays, we finally decided to just book a flight to Cambodia so we can finally go see the sights we had planned to see months ago. We leave tomorrow and come back a week later.

Yesterday we were talking to our friends on s/v SeaMist about their experiences there, and then chatting about other stuff. John mentioned that the growth is so bad here in the marina that regulars put bags over their props to prevent marine growth.

I was horrified by the thought that our freshly painted bottoms, and props with fresh propspeed anti-foul, could already have growth! I immediately went back to the boat and dove on our bottoms. It wasn’t horrible, but we already did have a sprinkle of barnacles growing on the hulls and the props. The ones on the props practically fell off when I rubbed at them. But, I was not pleased to see anything.

We had been trying to figure out how we would meet up with some other friends who had just arrived – David and Jacqui on s/v Jackster. They weren’t able to get a reservation for the marina and were anchored out. So, I suggested to Karen we just get Tahina out of the marina for a couple of nights and go cruising. This would allow the anti-fouling to recharge (they work better when water moves over the surface), and we could meet up with Jackster.

So, that’s what we did. We had a delightful two nights at Telaga Bay and a wonderful afternoon/evening meeting up with Dave and Jacqui. Good times!

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  1. George says:

    Tahina expedition? Or Tahina-Airplane Expedition?

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