Happy Holidays 2013

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

We are in Malaysia this year for the holidays and are wishing you all the happiest of holidays and a wonderful year ahead! Although we won’t be with family and friends this year for the Christmas/New Year holidays, we will be with many fellow cruisers we know at the Rebak Marina in Langkawi. So, we should have plenty of good cheer. And, being close to the equator, we’ll be sipping drinks by the pool, not cold this year!

Tahina has been decorated a bit this year. We set up our little Christmas tree again, but unfortunately the battery-operated LED lights are only half-working. But, it is still well decorated otherwise. Since we have plenty of shore power at the marina we put up several strings of christmas lights around the boat. There are over a dozen boats with lights up at the marina.

There are Christmas buffets for dinner on Christmas Eve and another one for lunch on Christmas day. And, there is also a party planned for New Year’s Eve. So, we should have plenty of good times.

We are planning to leave with some other boats up to Phuket in Thailand a few days after New Year’s Day. In between now and then, we plan to make a few more posts with photos from our trip to Cambodia.

Here’s where we are:

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