Heading Back to Asia

Today begins the long journey back to the other side of the world. We leave this morning to make our way back to our boat which is in Langkawi, Malaysia. We have about 48 hours of travel this time.

The trip home was a success on many levels. Seeing family and friends (not enough), eating American foods (too much), shopping, etc.. We also had some good quality time with our daughters and were very pleased to see the progress they are making with their lives. The end result is that this trip gave us a much-needed psychological recharge. Karen and I are both feeling much happier!

We have four nearly-maxed bags to check in, plus two lighter carry-ons each. I think we could have filled another four large bags worth pretty easily if we hadn’t restrained ourselves.

After our return, we have to begin in earnest planning the rest of our long-delayed sightseeing in non-Malaysian destinations. But, first we’ll have to recover from the jet-lag for a couple of days. I also have another appointment with the eye doctor in Singapore a few days later.

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  1. Jan Warm says:

    I am so very sorry that we couldn’t spend time together on this trip; the timing could not have been worse. I am very happy that your trip was such a success! Safe travels back to Tahini! We will have to make up for lost time on the next trip! Happy Holidays to you both! Jan and Joe. :-)).

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