The Lady Temple or Banteay Srei

The Lady Temple

The Lady Temple

Banteay Srei is a temple about an hour’s trip (by Tuk Tuk) north of Siem Reap. We had heard it was worth the trip because of the unique carvings on the temple. The locals refer to it as the “Lady Temple” or the “Pink Lady Temple“. It’s “pink” because the temple is made of very redish-pink sandstone. And “Banteay Srei” translates to “citadel of the women” – probably because of the numerous apsara-like carvings in areas of the temple.

Another reason it was worth the trip is that we got to see some of the less developed areas of Cambodia. Rice farms, and small villages. People living around their homes. Although, as we got closer to the temple there were plenty of signs of tourist dependency with little tourist stands and restaurants.

After the long, and sometimes bumpy (potholes) ride, and some tourist traffic, and a stop for lunch, we finally arrived. Fortunately, there were no bus-loads of tourists, so we didn’t have a lot of crowds around the temple. The temple is much smaller than the others we visited, but the carvings were indeed exquisite and we got there at the right time of day for some good pictures (right before the sun got blocked by nearby trees). Amazing details in the carvings – you could spend hours, or days, just trying to see all the carvings.

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