Rebak Island Over the Holidays

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

We arrived at Rebak Island in early November. We have been using the marina here as a base of operation for our several trips away. First, only two days after we arrived, we went home to the US for 3 weeks, then I made a trip to Singapore for a doctor appointment, then we flew to Cambodia for 8 days for sightseeing, then last Thursday we flew to Penang for a couple of days.

We aren’t the only ones who have been staying here. We have met up with several of our boating friends from the past several years including a few familiar names (to those who have been following the blog): Callisto, Kilkea, Inspiration Lady, Jackster, Imagine, Solar Planet, Sea Mist, Geramar, and more. We had several socials on other boats, and Tahina, to catch up with old friends, and meet new friends.

During Christmas and New Years, the resort put on some nice buffet/parties for both marina and resort guests. Our holidays were probably a bit warmer than those of you in further north latitudes (we are near the equator). 🙂

Christmas Eve saw us by the pool on a beautiful warm night with a big buffet. A similar nice lunch buffet on Christmas Day at the restaurant. And the marina had a more intimate buffet on New Year’s Eve at the marina’s Hard Dock Cafe. They made a mostly-western foods dinner that was actually quite tasty. It was BYOB, but that was no problem for cruisers. The resort had a bigger (and more expensive affair) on the New Year’s Eve. But, we were invited for the fireworks on the beach.

Check out the photos below for a taste of Rebak and our events here.

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Below is a map showing Rebak Island. Zoom out for a better perspective on our location which is in northern Malaysia near the border of Thailand.

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