Another Month

Yesterday we made a second trip to Phuket Town to the Customs office. When we visited a week ago, they wouldn’t let us extend our boat for another month because we didn’t yet have our new visas (even though we had clearance from immigration for our scheduled flight to Singapore and back, and a 30 day visa is automatically given). This whole process is a hassle that until this year was much simpler. Normally Phuket gave boats an automatic 6 month stay upon arrival. Also, Thailand has made the process for getting visas more difficult as well.

Over the weekend, we completed our trip to Singapore. I had my eye doctor appointment on Monday and scheduled what will, hopefully, be the last procedure on my eye. The damage from the original infection had extended to the lens and I knew that after the other procedures healed we would need to do a cataract procedure. So, that has now been scheduled for late March. The good news is that the eye is otherwise healthy and should be in good shape afterwards. Our return to Thailand after this trip gave us another 30 day visa for Thailand.

Upon our return, we rented a motor bike and made a 40 km trip (one way) from Yacht Haven Marina to the Customs office again. Everything went smoothly, visas shown, forms filled out, and then I waited for the clerk to hand over our updated document. But, instead she said, “You will need to come back tomorrow to pick it up.” She must have seen the shock on my face, and I explained that we had to rent a vehicle and ride all the way from Yacht Haven Marina. She said, “We need to get a signature from the official. Come back at 2PM and it should be done.” That was a much better answer. So, we went to have lunch and did some shopping and came back at 1:30. The ironic thing was that I don’t think the delay was necessary at all. They ended up giving me the original boat paperwork back and just changed the date to a month later. Duh!

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  1. Nanag says:

    You have been in that area so long you must feel like you live there. Just a few more months until five years will be up!!! Will you come back then, are do you plan to stay longer?

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