Last Eye Procedure a Success

On Wednesday we left Puteri by bus and went across to Singapore. We had reservations for two nights at a hotel because I had an appointment early Thursday morning for my last eye procedure – a cataract procedure.

This was the last procedure planned for my eye to correct the problems resulting from the original infection I got back in June of 2012 while at Lizard Island in Australia. The lens itself was damaged from the trauma to the eye that also resulted in a partial replacement of my cornea last year.

Going in to the procedure, I had poor vision due to a high-degree astigmatism, and lack of clarity due to the damage on the lens.

That evening, after the medicine they used during the procedure wore off that caused dilation, I could tell that the eye was seeing much clearer. The room was now much brighter with the problem right eye than with my untouched healthy original left eye.

The next morning, I had a follow-up appointment and they tested the eye. For the first time since the accident, I could read most of the eye chart with the right eye! Even the doctor was surprised I was seeing so well so early. He cautioned me that in the coming days, as it recuperates, the eye may settle to a less sharp result. He also said that the astigmatism is much improved. He said that he made the incision for the cataract procedure at the top of the eye hoping it would offset the astigmatism created by the cornea procedure. It appears he was right.

Now, 3 days later, I’m still seeing much better at far distances with the right eye. But, not 20/20, just a bit off. I need to use reading glasses to see up close – which I was told to expect, and doesn’t surprise me. But, the exciting part is that, when corrected, I see perfectly clearly with the right eye.

I’m very excited about the progress. As soon as the eye settles, I hope to get prescription glasses that match my new conditions and I’ll be back to good binocular, stereoscopic, vision again!

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5 Responses to Last Eye Procedure a Success

  1. llamajourney says:

    Such good news! I’m so happy for you.

  2. greg says:

    Glad to hear that it went so well.

  3. Nanag says:

    YAY! I am so happy for you!

  4. jeffrey martin says:

    awesome news Frank, so glad to hear it 🙂

  5. Jan Warm says:

    I’m so glad that you responded so well to the surgery, Frank!! It’s been a rocky road for sure … but, happily, with a wonderful ending!! Great news!!!!

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