Making Good Progress

We had a good mix of sailing and motoring down to Penang. The weather patterns have been good shore breezes (from the east) in the mornings, motoring during mid-day when the winds stop and shift, and then winds from the west in the afternoons. We ended up making our way all the way past Penang to a little island on the south end where we anchored on the way north last November. That was about 80 miles.

The next morning, up at the crack of dawn again, and we sailed all morning again. After the mid-day motoring, the afternoon winds picked up and we sailed again all the way down to Pangkor. We almost made it to the pass to Marina Island where the Pangkor Marina is located. We arrived by 1630 (4:30 PM).

As soon as we tied up, I had the power cord for our A/C connected as it was pretty hot out. I then walked up to the marina office and paid for the night since we are leaving at the crack of dawn again. On the way back, I noticed the boat s/v Shuang Yu had their A/C running. I tapped on their boat and out popped Ted. He and Pam had just arrived back at their boat this morning after a trip to the US. Great timing! We had a couple of beers and caught up. I had to cut our conversation short though.

We needed to do a quick rinse down of Tahina because she was pretty dirty. Turns out the burning of trees has gotten an early start this year. We had noticed a lot of haze the last couple of days. Black soot washed off the boat like mud as I squirted the hose all over Tahina. We must be 10 lbs lighter! Yuck.

We are leaving at dawn today (Saturday) and plan to go as far south as possible. This will put us in Port Klang off Kuala Lumpur. The next day we may do an overnight passage by using the Singapore shipping channel to avoid fish nets/traps. We want to get to Puteri by the 18th so we have a day to get settled before we go to Singapore. My procedure at the National Eye Center is on the morning of the 20th.

Here’s a map of our position. Notice Singapore to the southeast. We’ll be on the NW side of Singapore by the 18th.

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