Crossed Equator Third Time

Crossing the Equator

Crossing the Equator

We crossed the equator late Thursday evening for the third time on our journey, since leaving the US in 2009. We will cross it one more time on Tahina when we head for the Caribbean after visiting South America in 2015. Here is a shot of our chart plotter as we crossed 0 degrees 0.0 minutes North.

We just completed a 2.3 day passage to Belitung, Indonesia with a good mix of sailing and motoring. We actually had a 12-hour run yesterday of sailing with only an occasional run of an engine at low RPM to keep our speeds up. Winds were about 7-9 knots average, although we had a few hours with 10-12 knots, and we had a squall for a few minutes where our sailing speed was up to 9.2 knots! We used almost half as much fuel as expected which is a good thing.

Among the interesting sightings were two dolphins (we saw none when we came through here in 2012), some jelly fish, and a very live sea snake who came right by the boat. We saw a funnel cloud in a distant thunderstorm. We also saw lots of different kinds of fishing boats, and many ships as we crossed several shipping channels. But, far fewer fishing nets and traps to deal with than in the Malacca Straight.

After a brief rest at Belitung, we will continue to the Sunda Straights. Belitung is home to some pretty coastal scenery. Here is the location:

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  1. Christine Millard says:

    Hi Karen and Frank…always great to read your notes. We are preparing for our IO. Crossing in Indonesian2015and were wondering if you checked into Indonesia with a CAIT…seems like an unnecessary procedure…what did you do?

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